Monday, August 10, 2009

What you can make from canned beans

"What Can You Make With Canned Beans?"

The "Well" blog of the NYT has 89 recipes and counting.

My cowboy beans require they be eaten from the can with the thumb pointing down the spoon, hand turned hard left to avoid the raised lid, and shoveled as if someone were about to ask me to share.


  1. I make canned bean dishes fairly often -- no recipes, just throwing in whatever is around, plus lots of spices. You gotta watch out for those PBA plastic lined cans, though. Get the kind without that lining.

  2. Heath Ledger as The Joker said, Plan? I don't have a plan! So, I don't have a recipe, this is closest I can come:

    Saute some onions, green peppers, smashed garlic, or even some whole cloves of garlic to suck out their skins after cooking, in a sizzle a chunk of salt pork, or some bacon, olive oil, butter, whatever's at hand, or all of the above. In a big deep skillet or small Dutch oven.
    Throw in some left-over cooked pork: piece of roasted loin, or carve some meat off barbecued ribs, or some stir fried stew pork, chop up some boneless loin chops, whatever, heat it all up.
    Put two cans of Bush's Frijoles Negros Condimentados on top of it all. Or some Trader Joe's black beans. Use more beans if you want to. Chop up an orange, peel and all, and throw it in; chop into big enough chunks so you can fish them out later without eating them.
    Throw in a pinch of cumin, some chopped cilantro, even a pinch of curry powder, some Louisiana hot pepper sauce, or some red pepper flakes, or some Shooter Hill Pickapeppa hot sauce, however spicy you want it to be.
    Stew away on low heat, just ticking it over until you can't wait any longer for it. Before eating, toss in a couple shots of Marsala, cook off the alcohol for a few minutes. (I bet Billy--whoops, Will) has some idea of tossing a shot of bourbon in it, like one does with apple pies, according to James Beard). Top with some chopped green cilantro.
    Eat some beer with it

    James BenBoer