Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What if?..cities

A project: What if? ..cities is part of a Green Future for Architecture at The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark.

This is the introduction:

Ecosistema Urbano is working on an installation project for the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark. Since we believe that many of the world’s most difficult environmental challenges can be addressed and solved by cities… the project “what if…?cities” will be a collection of ideas from people with different backgrounds from all over the world presenting their own visions for an alternative future urbanity. We invite you to participate by sending your own idea to build up a myriad of fresh, creative and visionary urban solutions. The material collected will be part of the exhibition and there will be credits for all external contributions. The exhibition will be on from June to October 2009. If you are interested in taking part, please send an e-mail to: With: + your visionary, but real idea briefly expressed in one sentence (max. 160 characters) + your name, profession and home city.

Click here for the web presentation of the project to date.

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