Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Suit Becomes You

The Bar Mitzvah boy's lessons also include getting his first suit. My dad had a high school friend who grew up and became a manufacturer so it was an obvious choice to drive to NY to visit him in the factory in the garment district for the purchase. It came with a lecture. "You should always have a blue suit in your wardrobe. You never know what might come up when you will need one and so it's there for whatever."  He then proceeded to take me around the shop, pointing out the stations where the suits are assembled and explaining to me the basics of what makes a quality suit. There was no mention of price point, or brand. There was a demonstration of the grades of suits and how each successive grade included more hand elements. That is to say that at each level of quality there was a justification of price based on an inherent value.

In the above excerpt from the annual report of the Philips Van Huesen Company, the largest distributor of men's clothes in America, you can see their corporate strategy is entirely based on price points and brand options.

The recent announcement of DJ AM's death included this image: The man had style. In an attempt to look as good we are going to need expert guidance. It exists. Every man has a dad in the name of the "style guru".   Here is a basic guide to choosing a suit.

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